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Apave is a large company that covers a vast range of services globally. It was recognised that a growing number of clients were requiring the services of rope access. So in 2009 Apave rope access (ARA) was introduced as a subsidiary of Apave South Eastern Europe which overall comes under Apave International. With the main office based in Macedonia, the rope access division services the needs of the at-height requirements of the group globally. Apave rope access can also provide a standalone service to other sectors of business which is out with Apave group’s normal scope of work.

Rope access is a growing industry; this is due to substantial cost savings coupled with an unrivalled safety record, compared to more conventional access methods. This lures clients to look toward the service as a solution for their working at height needs.
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Rope access is a means of accessing the work area, having a qualified and competent trade’s person to carry out the work is just as important as accessing the area safely. ARA proffer the following services:
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